Land Use Planning Information

The Department of Land Use Planning is responsible for comprehensive land use planning for Umatilla County. Information, assistance and regulatory permits can be obtained from this department. The type of permits that are processed are burning permits, conditional use permits, comprehensive plan changes, zoning and development permits, and rural addressing. This department also houses the Code Enforcement Office. The following are printable copies of various information and permits (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader):

Permit Applications

NOTICE: The County is now processing Onsite Septic permits.


I have a question about the permit process... - Learn all about the process for developing property in Umatilla County; including a complete listing of the agencies involved and their contact information.

Planning Department Fee Schedule Please check with the Planning Department for any changes or additional fees.

ZP - Zoning Permit Application - If the use is permitted outright on the subject property, a zoning permit is required for new construction and additions or after a land use permit application is obtained. Attach the appropriate fee as stated on the form, completed site plan and signatures of ALL property owners.

  • Additional Signature Page
  • Design Review application Development in certain zones such as Light Industrial, Retail Service Commercial, etc. also requires a Design Review application with a zoning permit.
  • Replacement Dwellings in Resource Zones (EFU & GF Zones).  To replace a lawfully established dwelling in the EFU or GF Zone, complete this form to provide proof that it meets the review criteria set forth in UCDC 152.058 (F) and 152.082 (O).
  • County Floodplain Development Permit Application
  • AG- Farm Agriculture/Equine Building Exemption. State law (ORS 455.315) allows exemption from the requirements for a building permit and inspections under the Oregon State Structural Specialty Code for certain agricultural buildings.  A landowner must obtain approval and signature from the local planning office to qualify for this type of permit. Farm Exempt structures are only allowed on resource zoned land (EFU and GF) where a bona fide "farm" is being operated.  The property must be assessed under the "Farm Deferral" tax program.

LURA - Land Use Request Application, complete this form for ALL types of land use applications.  Select the Supplemental Forms below for the specific type of land use application desired.

  • CUP - Conditional Use Permit, an application for a variety of uses (i.e. home occupation, hardship dwelling, etc.) that may have certain conditions of approval applied to the permit.
  • LD - Land Division, an application for dividing a lot or parcel.  There are a number of different types of land divisions - Type I - Subdivision, Type II - Partition of Non Resource land (residential, industrial, etc.), Type III - Replat and Type IV - Partition of Resource land (EFU and GF).
  • LUD - Land Use Decision, For dwellings in resources zones, cell towers, utility facilities and other similar uses.
  • V - Variance, to request a modification from the required standards (i.e. setbacks, parcel size, etc.)
  • Authorization to File Land Use Permit for Land owner
PLA - Property Line Adjustment, To modify a boundary line between two parcels.
Amendments to County Plan/Development Code and/or Zoning Map, For requesting changes in the County's Comprehensive Plan, Development Code and/or Zoning Map.

Additional Permits

State of Oregon

Umatilla County Public Health

A Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) from the County Planning Department will start the review process for construction of a new septic system or repair to a failing system. Approval is also needed if you are re-connecting to an existing system or changing the waste flow by increasing the occupancy of a house or building. Umatilla County Public Health is the agency processing onsite septic system permits. Application forms are available at the Planning Department and Health Department or online at
Land Use Compatibility Statement
Public Health web site

For septic installation or repair information call the Health Department at 541-278-6394.

State of OregonState Building Codes Division

A Building Permit from State Building Codes is required for all additions, new structures, certain remodels, setup of manufactured homes and plumbing, electrical and mechanical permits. Call the local Building Codes office at 541-276-7814 for more information.