Planning Geographical Information System (GIS)

A Geographical Information System provides a powerful way to represent on a map what is shown on the landscape.  There are challenges in terms of accuracy, but for a general review of the many features (roads, streams, zoning, etc.) GIS is very powerful.  For more accurate detail of parcel boundaries, elevation, etc. a professional survey completed by a Licensed Surveyor would be recommended.  GIS is much more powerful than merely a map making tool.  Data analysis can be completed quickly and accurately.  And so with good base data one can compare, query and select various features of the data to answer numerous questions.  The results of the answers can be shown visually in tables or maps. 

Pre Made GIS Maps

Umatilla County has many different features in relation to land use, roads, water bodies, terrain, etc.  These features are represented by digital data that can be layered together to show on paper what is on the ground in the real world.  Of course, the accuracy can be questioned at times but for a close representation a paper map created  using GIS (geographical information) is valuable. 

The following is a listing of maps that are already made and can be purchased either from the web site where the map(s) are shipped (via mail in page size envelope) or by visiting the Umatilla County Courthouse.  If these maps do not meet your needs then we can create custom maps (see below).

Available Maps

Custom GIS Maps

Custom mapping takes time and resources to complete.  The most important issue to to know just what you want the map to show and the crucial dataset to emphasize.  There is a list of datasets that are available for use.  Paper size is typically 24 x 36 either landscape or portrait in orientation.  Contacting our staff with the details will begin this process. 

Available Datasets

There are a variety of available datasets that can be provided to individuals and agencies.


Cost and Payment

Parcel Boundary Data,
A. Countywide dataset of parcel boundaries with basic attributes (shapefile)
B. Countywide dataset of parcel boundaries with parcel database (shapefile with DBF database)
C. Individual Parcels

Subscription to monthly parcel boundary updates

A. $500.00 **

B. $530.00 **

C. $5 each **

$200 per month, pro-rated, paid annually. **

These shapefiles related to Umatilla County can be downloaded for FREE from the State of Oregon.  We are working on better datasets and will post those soon.

These shapefiles that are related to Umatilla County are available to be purchased and must have a GIS Data License Agreement completed.  Additional datasets will be available when developed.

Aerial Photos (2005, 2006, 2009)
20 foot contours
City Limits and City UGB
Flood Panel Boundary
Flood Hazard Areas
Hill Shade (shaded relief)
Irrigation Districts
Fire Districts
Land Administration
Livestock Districts
Zoning - County

$40/CD or $35 per set  for Aerial Photos

$15.00 each **

 ** All datasets require a signed GIS User License Agreement and payment prior to distribution.  Data can be conveyed by CD, DVD or FTP.

Zoning Maps by Tax Map (PDF Format) for download

The zoning maps for the County can be viewed by individual tax map.  Thus, the tax maps that are already available has the added feature of the various zoning boundaries.  One can view the tax maps without zoning by visiting the State of Oregon ORMAP site. 

Maps are broken out by Township.  You will need to know the Township, Range, Section and Tax Lot of the parcel.  Select the Township where the subject parcel is located and  then select the map that is applicable.

Zoning MapsDirectory of
Zoning Maps:

Township 6 North
Township 5 North
Township 4 North
Township 3 North
Township 2 North
Township 1 North

Township 1 South
Township 2 South
Township 3 South
Township 4 South
Township 5 South
Township 6 South


County Industrial Land Maps (PDF Format)

These maps show the location of Industrial Zoned areas in the county.
Central County (Pendleton, Pilot Rock, Rieth, Helix, and Ukiah)
East County (Milton-Freewater, Weston, Athena, and Adams)
West County (Umatilla, Hermiston, Stanfield, and Echo)
Depot Zoning

Soil Data Mapping

Some land use applications require the applicant to provide information about the soils on the property.  Mapping and detailed information about the soil types on the property can be accessed using the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service Web Soil Survey mapping tool.  NRCS Web Soil Survey Home Page 
If you are having difficulties viewing the NRCS Web Soil Survey site, you may have to enable popups for this site.  For more information go to Requirements for Running Web Soil Survey